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Slowly I going to upload new gadgets in my personal web, It had so muchs problems with the php code I could show something, finally today here It begins again. the rss use was amazing i could hang some spaces as Blogger Planeta Tierra, CT Blog, el tiempo news and wallpapers and music from discoteke. really the desing was the hardest part. the java scrip and php language have some difficult grade and i´m padawan man in that profesion. then I want to show you the new gadgets in my web. I´m growing in this space and want to forget the other social spaces. I´m so facebook tired and i don´t know the new releases, I think i´ll close my page in that space. only I´ll be here. now I tell you that:

There are new music releases. my playlist is the following:

U2 No line on the Horizon, again the irland group shows perfect melodies. now I´m listenig the new album and I think that it´s soft music in a new u2 version, It´s so nice. I recommended it!!

So, I recommend the Kings of Leon music, some time ago I listened songs about that young group, my friend Xander says that group is very similar to the Killers, I don´t think so because they are so soft and the origen of words are diferent, anyway I continue

my playlist part have some classic songs, I like remember the good songs because I put a New Order song call it "Turn". and be other songs, i don´t remenber why, but i know that i like those. Ok people I hope good news about you and in the next tieme I´ll be here. hugs my friends and don´t forget write me, take care!


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